What is Design…really?

  1. “Decide upon the look and functioning of (a building, garment, or other object),
    by making a detailed drawing of it.

“To advance knowledge, we must turn away from our standard definitions of proof — and from the false certainty of the past — and instead stare into a mystery to ask what could be. The answer, Peirce said would come through making a ‘logical leap of the mind’ or an ‘inference to the best explanation’ to imagine a heuristic for understanding the mystery.”

  1. It brings people together who don’t normally work together. That’s disruptive, but it’s also very fertile ground for thinking differently.
  2. Each skill set will usually attack a problem differently than the others. That unique form of approach is instructive for everyone else and allows new light to shine on a challenge.
  3. It allows the usual influencers to understand the people who will actually use product or service. This gives them real insight, outside of stilted focus groups or quantitative testing, into what matters to the “customer”, be they anyone from a homeless person to a home-heating buyer.



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Casey Hrynkow, WIK*D Design Thinking

Casey Hrynkow, WIK*D Design Thinking

DesignThinking will shape our future. I am a design strategist, co-creation facilitator and teacher. Blog at http://bit.ly/2nGFo2u